Food for Change

One of the greatest challenges that society faces today is how to reorganize and adapt to irreversible climate change. Since 1880 average global temperatures have increased by 0.8 degrees centigrade. Climate scientists have concluded that rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trap incoming heat near the surface of the Earth, causing the rise in temperature. Due to humanity’s unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels, deforestation and land use greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions are causing detrimental and irreversible changes in climate. A study funded by NASA predicted that due to climate change, civilization as we know it could be steadily heading for a collapse within the next century.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that livestock production is among the most destructive forces driving climate change. Large emissions from farmed animals are explained mainly by Methane emissions from enteric fermentation. A recent study showed that meat, fish, diary, and eggs had the highest CO2 emissions per kg. The study concluded that changes in diet toward more plant-based foods would be a possible solution for mitigating climate change.

If consumers ate less animal products, the animal agricultural industry would reduce their output of methane emissions. The pros of this solution are its effective and simple, it’s something that everyone can do, it puts the fate of the earth’s climate back into our hands and it’s a health promoting diet.

This is the most effective solution at the individual level to combat climate change. With this solution, we have a chance to have a real economic – and thus environmental – impact.

So I am proposing the Food For Change challenge! Challenge yourself, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, randoms, everyone to go vegan! It’s incredible what a difference just one vegan meal can do for the environment and your health. So lets pic, post, upload, share and learn together to make a global difference.


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