Global Warming, I have my doubts….

I was studying at home yesterday, about to leave when a huge storm came in. I decided to wait it out. I’ve always loved the sound of the rain hitting the tin veranda while I’m comfortable and warm inside. I carried on studying, accepting defeat about my afternoon plans when I heard a strange noise on the tin verandah outside.

I looked out the window and saw hail for maybe the second time ever. Millions of balls of ice were thrashed and hurled across the sky and into my backyard. It looked like snow but sounded and felt a lot more sinister. In that moment, I felt kind of scared, not just ‘it’s a storm, hold me!’ scared, more like ‘what have we done?!’ kind of scared. I know it is an overreaction to a hail storm but it made me think that human induced global warming is already having a visible impact, literally on my doorstep.

I haven’t looked at the stats about how often hail storms occur in Sydney Australia mid-spring, but my life experience tells me…maybe never? In that moment it was like I finally got the message.

It’s easy to become complacent, we’ve known about climate change for ages it seems and those who follow the latest articles, science and activist groups might understand when I say it can sometimes become abstract or theoretical. Sometimes I think that the effects are so far off that it stops being a priority or real concern, something I can do or think about later. It’s like running, If I do it regularly now I’ll be fitter and healthier in my 60’s, but I kinda just want to lie in bed watching reality TV shows, you know?

I took some pictures (best shown above) of the hail storm and sent them to family and friends. My friend wrote back in response “Climate has always been changing. Man always over estimates his importance in the universe. We are having an effect there is no doubt but the extent is likely to be minimal as is our ability to influence the changes that are happening. P.S you haven’t Instagrammed my #foodforchange challenge yet!!!”

I’m not sure where on the spectrum I sit as an activist and sometimes I do feel defeated, especially when so many people, my friend included, aren’t even convinced of the basic science (they still did the #foodforchange challange though!).

All I know is that I saw something in that hail storm (other than an icy veranda) but I’m kind of hoping that this isn’t something we have to see to believe, because by then it will be too late.

What do you guys think? Are we doing enough? Is it already too late? Are we overestimating our control over it? I’d also love to hear if anyone has had a similar experience to me, seeing climate change in the flesh.

Peace. E.M


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