5 tips to keep you motivated

Eating a vegan diet is one really simple and effective way to stop climate change. Even though it’s a super fun and delicious way to help the environment, sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated.

In a culture full of meat and dairy laden food habits and traditions, we all need help to stay motivated. So I have a few simple tips for you to take advantage of. These tips are great for everyone, even the most devout eco-vegans amoung us.

1. Remember the reason for changing in the first place
You’ve already seen the facts, the stats, you’ve got the knowledge and you’ve already made the decision to reduce or stop consuming animal products. What was it that got you to make that decision? Was it a movie clip? A new recipe? A research paper or article? Remember how motivated you where when you first made that decision and the reasoning behind that choice. Remember how good it felt to feel like you were doing something amazing for the environment and your health. Still want that cheese toasty? On to tip 2!

2. Don’t view it as a diet
Diets are designed to fail. The diet industry is the only industry that profits off it’s own failure. Reducing meat and dairy or being vegan is not a diet. There are many health gurus out there with various views and opinions on what it means to eat a vegan diet, but there really are no rules! There are amazing substitutes on the market for any and every craving so it shouldn’t be restrictive it should be empowering! Don’t reduce or eliminate meat and dairy just to be “on trend”, you will loose motivation if there’s no ethical reasoning behind your choice.

3. Remember your ethics
Every vegan meal makes a huge impact on your health and the health of the environment. We’re at a stage of climate crisis where we can no longer avoid or refuse to acknowledge how our actions contribute and impact upon the planet. So before you cook up a meat or diary meal, remember your ethics and where you personally stand on global warming. Honor your ethics and be true to yourself and your beliefs.

4. Watch films/read books
Everyone must watch food and climate documentaries whenever you get the chance. So many amazing docos, so little time. I am yet to watch it myself but Cowspiracy is getting amazing reviews and their website is very informative and comprehensive. I recently attended a screening of The Animal Condition which was really amazing. Books are incredibly motivating and cook books can add new ideas and perspectives to meal times.

5. Get involved in the community dedicated to change
Last but not least, motivation comes from action. Get involved in your local community in conservation and activist movements. Follow 350.org in your city to find out what’s happening in your local hubs to fight the power and stop climate change! Being around like minded people is essential for staying motivated to continue to eat the #foodforchange way.

How do you stay motivated to eat vegan and fight climate change?